Reasons for recommending mode systems for all body types

Why Wamoda recommends mode style

How many people can explain with confidence in the mode system?

hereMen's meaning and origin, mode features and recommended stylingI will introduce it so far.

Reasons for recommending mode system to those who want to challenge mode style and those who have a complex in height and body typeYou should know.

As you read on, imagine yourself wearing a mode.



What is a mode system?

In the first place, the word mode isIn French means "trendy"is.

Focusing on luxury brands that propose high -end stylesThe state -of -the -art style that comes out every season is called "mode" worldwideGrap is common.

The up -and -coming style of a brand that a brand performs in Paris Collections and Milan Collections every season is truly mode. The state -of -the -art ideas and designs in the fashion industry are gathering.


In Japan, starting with the announcement of the luxury brand collection"Mode system" that sublimates mode into everyday lifeA unique genre has been established.

What is the mode system here?Latest fashion and extraordinary fashion styleThat is.

A mode fashion that makes you feel trendy in addition to the balance between design and function that blends into everyday life. Let's further deepen its appeal.

Characteristics of mode style

Avant -garde design for coloring based on monotoneIs a basic style of mode.

A mode system refers to fashion that incorporates the trends and social trends of the year in a broad sense. For this reason, in recent years, the style of the brand's mind and messages in a constructive silhouette is noticeable.

At first glance, the mode style is straight and inorganic, but if you look closely, you can feel irregular deformation and detailed details everywhere.

WAMODA proposes such edgy mode fashion.

Mode system is perfect for such people

Does anyone think that the mode system is too fashionable and difficult to wear? So that such a person can take a step into the world of mode,Reasons to recommend the basic dress and mode systemI would like to introduce you.

The mode style is recommended for those who have a unique style that you do not want to suffer from others. In addition, the mode is that people who are not confident and do not look good should also challenge.

▶ ︎ Cool and simple black does not choose the person to wear

Black and white with universal charmDo not choose the wearer.

Rather than playing with patterns and colors, playing in monotone is a shortcut to a steady style. Details that shine because of simple colors will give you a special dignity that you can understand.

In addition, black and gray hair suits the mode system. The good thing about the mode is that you can wear natural hair without being eager to say "fashion is from your hairstyle!"

There is a monotone color that everyone is familiar with and a mysterious charm that can be dressed even if you relax your shoulders.If you think, do you feel like you can challenge mode fashion at once?


▶ ︎Design that surpasses the complex

Silhouettes that have been thought out to wrap the form of our bodyHides the complex that the wearer has.

There is no problem even if you have muscles in the club days, or who have recently gained weight recently, wear black and mode silhouettes. Mode fashion with a lot of layered style has a lot of movement and depth overall, so it is difficult to see the body complex when viewed from the surroundings.

You don't have to give up the mode system, saying, "I'm not tall and I can't wear it coolly ..." Black has a quiet power.Only those who have a complex in height will be attractive by wearing a mode systemYou can be.

Wearing mode clothes and aiming for a unique and sophisticated style? Be sure to wear WAMODA monotone and enjoy your own stylish fashion.

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