■ About payment method
This site supports the following payment methods.

⚫︎ Credit card
VISA, MasterCard, AmericanExpress, JCB brand card payment is possible.

Just register as a credit card or bank account, you can pay online without fees (we recommend paying with PayPal for customers in Japan.)

⚫︎ Google Pay
If you are using Google Chrome, you can pay with the Google Pay account.

On the payment screen, select Google Pay from Express check -out.

On iPhone, iPad, and Mac, you can use Apple Pay to pay on Safari on the web.

On the payment screen, select Apple Pay from Express check -out.

⚫︎ And payment (Paidi)
Paidy payment is a payment method that can be used only with email address and mobile phone number. No pre -registration or credit card is required.
The amount of use for one month will be confirmed in the first business day the following day, and will be notified by email and SMS between the 1st and 3rd days of the month of the month of use.

⚫︎QR payment (PayPay, Linepay)

⚫︎ Convenience store payment (7elEven, Family Mart, Lawson)

■ About delivery / shipping
Delivery company: Japan Post, Kuroneko Yamato, Sagawa Express

⚫︎Notable delivery:

In the case of shipment from overseas, we have time 10 to 20 days from your order.
Unexpected delays may occur due to the circumstances and customs procedures of the manufacturer. Please understand in advance.
( * Depending on the status of the product, it may take 4 weeks or more.)
In the case of shipping overseas, it may take more than a month.

⚫︎Collement fee

Uniform shipping 1000 yen (1400 yen for Hokkaido, Okinawa and remote islands)

Free shipping on purchases over 10,000 yen (1000 yen for Hokkaido, Okinawa and remote islands)

Please note that shipping to overseas will be charged separately.

Asian country: 3000 yen

African country: 5500 yen

America: 5000 yen

Oceania country: 4000 yen

European country: 4000 yen

Country of Latin America: 5500 yen

Middle East country: 4000 yen

North America country: 4000 yen

If you proceed to the payment, the shipping fee will be displayed, so please check the final confirmation there just in case.

In the case of remote islands including Hokkaido and Okinawa, relay fees may be charged separately, so in that case we will contact you before shipping.
Please note that in some cases, the delivery company may be changed to equivalent carriers without notice.

We have a warehouse overseas, and we are preparing to order as soon as the order is placed.
After ordering, the order will be canceled due to out of product stock.
Please note that there may be fears.


[Flow from ordering to delivery]

Confirmation of payment
Our order (order)
↓ 3 around business day
Overseas shipping
↓ around 1 to 4 weeks
Domestic shipping
↓ 1 to 4 days


In addition, overseas factories may take some more time to leave.
In that case, we will inform you from the information.

■ About cancellation

For cancellations after the order of your order, please contact us within 1:00 after ordering.
Subsequent cancellations are basically not accepted.
For cancellations, please consult the staff from LINE or inquiry form.

■ Returns / exchange conditions
If you can contact us within 7 days after the product arrives, we will replace it with new products only.

In addition, we will bear the return shipping fee due to initial failure and damage.

* The description size is basically flat measurement, and some errors may occur.
* Overseas products have less product criteria than Japanese products, and sewn and making may be rough.
* Depending on the monitor and the display environment you are looking at, the actual product, color and texture may look different.

* * * * * Important precautions * * * * * *

(1) Sewing may be sweet for overseas products.
There may be fraying, no tags, beads and buttons, etc. may be sweet.
Also, because it is an overseas product, unlike Japanese products, bottoms such as jeans and denim may not have holes in the buttonhole.
The size may change slightly depending on the supplier change.
In addition, lint and fray within 3cm, colored with dyeing, scratches, tilts, dirt, and smells during manufacturing are not subject to inspection.

② The image of the product may be different from the real thing.
In the case of indoors and outdoors, there may be errors in colors, so please understand.

③ The customer's personal information is
Please be assured that there is no use other than shipping work.

④ Boxes may be crushed or the shape may change during international delivery from overseas.
The packaged bags may have been filled out or modified for dirt and delivery. The packing inside is supported.

⑤ Please note that the product may arrive separately if the shipment original warehouse is different at the time of multiple purchases.

⑥ If there is a delay in production or delay in production on the manufacturer, we may cancel.
After payment, the refund due to missing items will be announced to the e -mail address registered at the time of purchase. Please register your email address that will be contacted.

Above, please purchase only those who are satisfied with the above.

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